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The Silver Lining of White

29 Aug

Okay, Okay in my youth I stayed away from white and why because I was afraid of it!  To me white was the got dingy, it got dirty it looked blah after a while.  Through the years, white walls became canvases for my children’s writings and shadows where their fingers have been.  The paint would come out and the walls would be white again but there would be reminders of fresh paint on old. Time went on and still I resisted the lure of white.  Never wore it except in my twenties/thirties when my hair became it and I started to get an inkling of its worth.  I started to see that “WOW” with white hair I can wear ANY color now and not look sick.  Of course, in the winter, living in Syracuse, I had to wear a bit of sun bronzer on my face so I didn’t look like a snow cloud myself..but hey, if that was all I was happy!  Fast forward to my life now, at first I couldn’t see the use of white especially on slipcovers…..what..white slipcovers what are designers perpetually drunk?  You will always have to wash them!  And then that is when the bell rung in my head!  DUH!  Bleach is the key along with Tide with bleach.  So now in my infinite wisdom…….I am slowly changing walls, tiles and furniture to white…easy to see the dirt…..easy to clean especially with that handy bottle of Clorox and box of  Tide!


The ying and yang of Wall Street

10 Aug

I am an investor of sorts, nothing big but large enough for me.  As of late the stock market has zig zawed like a drunk coming home from a night on the town.  Puts your nerves on edge that is for sure but who is the fool that has the business channel on all the time to watch it…….ah I see those hands and one of them is mine.  Cant help it, it is mesmerizing to see peoples’ fortunes go up and down on the screen.  The up and down I call the ying and the yang of Wall Street.  The ying are the people who stay in for the long haul no matter what and the yang are the ones who like vultures jump in for the lowdown price and continually jump out…the day traders whose portfolios I suspect are like teetertotters.  But I ask myself who is right?  I know when I move in and out my broker gets a heft commission so that is what keeps me “ying” but the daytrader or the” yanger” must have what I dont and that is a discount online trade service AND lots of time on their hands to qualify for discount trades.

Feel pissed on and pissed off?

9 Aug

Have you ever felt pissed on and pissed off?  Well right now I am  feeling both.  I am an unashamed middle working class person and  have worked hard in my life for some capital to put aside to invest to make my later life a little comfy.  What I am really saying is I want to be able to retire someday.  Isnt that what life is all about?   I figured I would take my savings and put it in the stock market and watch it grow while investing in American companies and now I see it flying away like a dandelion gone to weed. And why?  Because some numb nuts congressmen and senators cant get their act together and do what is  right for America. In their  arrogance they have  caused millions of people who also wanted the American dream to lose everything, first it came in the guise of  lost homes, lost jobs and now their retirements.  So, now that we have been pissed on does that make you pissed off yet?  It is time to organize enmasse and let them know how we feel………

When hearing terrible news….do you blink?

8 Aug

When you hear terrible news, do you blink?  Do you stop to say a prayer?  Over the weekend a call came out of the blue from someone I literally havent heard from in years and it wasnt a hi, how you doing call…been thinking of you call…. it was a “I just went through a year of chemo and radiation and wanted to let you know call.”  Was I horrified?  Thankful the person is still around after the ordeal?  Glad to hear a voice from the past? Happy it wasnt me?  I have to say “yes” to all those and a bit guilty as well.  I must say I BLINKED and said a prayer.  I thanked G-d on many accounts and just a couple that come to mind are…..glad my friend was pulling through and G-d brought him to this moment– thrilled that after many tests the cancer seems not to have spread and  happy that I lead a blessed life.  As for the guilt….arent we all just a bit guilty when we hear of someone else who has a major disease?  Dont we all think in our own mind”there but for the grace of G-d go I?  At almost sixty years of age  the guilt is finally ebbing away and I blink upon hearing saddening news and  then  go out and try to comfort.