When hearing terrible news….do you blink?

8 Aug

When you hear terrible news, do you blink?  Do you stop to say a prayer?  Over the weekend a call came out of the blue from someone I literally havent heard from in years and it wasnt a hi, how you doing call…been thinking of you call…. it was a “I just went through a year of chemo and radiation and wanted to let you know call.”  Was I horrified?  Thankful the person is still around after the ordeal?  Glad to hear a voice from the past? Happy it wasnt me?  I have to say “yes” to all those and a bit guilty as well.  I must say I BLINKED and said a prayer.  I thanked G-d on many accounts and just a couple that come to mind are…..glad my friend was pulling through and G-d brought him to this moment– thrilled that after many tests the cancer seems not to have spread and  happy that I lead a blessed life.  As for the guilt….arent we all just a bit guilty when we hear of someone else who has a major disease?  Dont we all think in our own mind”there but for the grace of G-d go I?  At almost sixty years of age  the guilt is finally ebbing away and I blink upon hearing saddening news and  then  go out and try to comfort.

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