Feel pissed on and pissed off?

9 Aug

Have you ever felt pissed on and pissed off?  Well right now I am  feeling both.  I am an unashamed middle working class person and  have worked hard in my life for some capital to put aside to invest to make my later life a little comfy.  What I am really saying is I want to be able to retire someday.  Isnt that what life is all about?   I figured I would take my savings and put it in the stock market and watch it grow while investing in American companies and now I see it flying away like a dandelion gone to weed. And why?  Because some numb nuts congressmen and senators cant get their act together and do what is  right for America. In their  arrogance they have  caused millions of people who also wanted the American dream to lose everything, first it came in the guise of  lost homes, lost jobs and now their retirements.  So, now that we have been pissed on does that make you pissed off yet?  It is time to organize enmasse and let them know how we feel………www.whitehouse.gov

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