The ying and yang of Wall Street

10 Aug

I am an investor of sorts, nothing big but large enough for me.  As of late the stock market has zig zawed like a drunk coming home from a night on the town.  Puts your nerves on edge that is for sure but who is the fool that has the business channel on all the time to watch it…….ah I see those hands and one of them is mine.  Cant help it, it is mesmerizing to see peoples’ fortunes go up and down on the screen.  The up and down I call the ying and the yang of Wall Street.  The ying are the people who stay in for the long haul no matter what and the yang are the ones who like vultures jump in for the lowdown price and continually jump out…the day traders whose portfolios I suspect are like teetertotters.  But I ask myself who is right?  I know when I move in and out my broker gets a heft commission so that is what keeps me “ying” but the daytrader or the” yanger” must have what I dont and that is a discount online trade service AND lots of time on their hands to qualify for discount trades.

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