The Silver Lining of White

29 Aug

Okay, Okay in my youth I stayed away from white and why because I was afraid of it!  To me white was the got dingy, it got dirty it looked blah after a while.  Through the years, white walls became canvases for my children’s writings and shadows where their fingers have been.  The paint would come out and the walls would be white again but there would be reminders of fresh paint on old. Time went on and still I resisted the lure of white.  Never wore it except in my twenties/thirties when my hair became it and I started to get an inkling of its worth.  I started to see that “WOW” with white hair I can wear ANY color now and not look sick.  Of course, in the winter, living in Syracuse, I had to wear a bit of sun bronzer on my face so I didn’t look like a snow cloud myself..but hey, if that was all I was happy!  Fast forward to my life now, at first I couldn’t see the use of white especially on slipcovers…..what..white slipcovers what are designers perpetually drunk?  You will always have to wash them!  And then that is when the bell rung in my head!  DUH!  Bleach is the key along with Tide with bleach.  So now in my infinite wisdom…….I am slowly changing walls, tiles and furniture to white…easy to see the dirt…..easy to clean especially with that handy bottle of Clorox and box of  Tide!

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