Reflections on a clear blue day

11 Sep

In Syracuse it is either snowing, getting ready to snow or just being Central New York.  This day was different…..the sky on this 11 th day of  September in 2001 was the clearest of  blue and the sun was shining.  It was one of those special days that the beginning of the Fall has to offer.  A Tuesday, a time to get  motivated at work because of deadlines always present.  Walking into the main office I was pulled aside to come and watch the television that was set up.  A plane had just flew into the World Trade Center and everyone was atwitter.  Then lo and behold another crashed into tower 2.  I felt that I was Alice  in an unreal world.  At that moment everyone’s world changed not only in the U.S. but all over the world.  The U.S. on that clear blue day was vulnerable.  No more would  Americans just go to the airport and board and fly all over the world….no more would people be free to just walk to their gates without practically being molested… more would we feel at ease on airplanes especially if there were people on it who looked different from us.  Our world changed and why?  It changed because the ideology in the guise of religion forced their views to be heard and known.   An ideology  that would be escalated  and warped into mayhem, torture and thousands more Americans and others dying.  May G-d have mercy to all who perished on that fateful clear blue day and their families find some peace and solace.





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