onward to another daylight

15 Nov

I have learned quite recently that hearts do heal, crying does turn into smiles and pain lessens over time.  I had to put my Stuffy L. to sleep.  Chronic renal failure finally got the better of my boy so on Thursday, November 3 he took his last dreaded car ride to the vet.  He was so sick that he didnt even howl like all the times before.  He did though have the strength to hiss at the doctor when she came into the room…….

He was my constant companion for 18+ years.  He would sit on the table or right next to me while eating, sit under my computer chair, snuggle close while watching television, sitting under the light of the sewing machine “sunning” himself while I struggled to pass the fabric through and of course slept with me at night.  He would meet us at the door upon arriving home and he even was my alarm clock waking ME up at 4:18AM even though it was my husband who went to work that early.

He is missed more than anyone does know.  Stuffy L. was with us longer than my children stayed home.  He was with us almost longer than I knew both my parents.  It seems that he was always with us and now he literally will be.  Sometime soon the vet will call with the news that Stuffy L. will be coming home but this time not in a traditional cat carrier but in an urn.

You know what?  This morning November 15, I was woken at 4:18 AM.  Is this a sign from StuffyL. or just a night onward to another daylight?

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