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A Time Reflection

19 Jan

Exactly a month has elapsed since my sister Risa passed away in her sleep and this has been a time for thought. A month…..thirty days……1/12 of a year.  Our family was going on with their regular business on December 18 never thinking that in just twenty four hours our lives would be altered in such a way that would be incredibly infathomable.  Even now as I write this and reflect on that morning of the 19th of December, it still to me is like a dream.  I got up, went on my computer, made coffee and then sat down to watch the stock market pre opening news…..then that devasting call on my cell by my nephew.  You see this was not to supposed to happen…..we had plans….. immediate plans…New Years together and then marching into January my birthday and phone talks every day and future plans of  trips, celebrations and getting old together….the four of us.  The  new reality however now is something quite different……now it is a time reflection…a time to think about Risa and how she was a blessing walking around in everyday life.