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The end of a story…..

29 Feb

Recently I had a DUH moment, I was up at 4AM sitting in my pajama’s eating my breakfast and watching an episode of Being Human on BBC America. One of the main protagonists is dying and you see his spirit leave his body. When his spirit leaves you see him turn to his friend who is crying over his body and say “don’t cry for me this is the end of my story.”  This is when I knew that I got it wrong and everyone has a story to tell through their actions, choices and the life they choose to lead.  Could it be as simple as that, when you finish your story and it is complete, your jobs done then you go? Yes, some of us go way too soon but what is before your time? Is it at two days?  67?  59? 65? 64? I do believe that when your life is unfolded and you have done the work you have set out to do then you return. Fair it probably isn’t but I am thinking that is how it works.  After much pondering, the moral of this epic we call life is to be the best you can be in this loaned shell we call a body…..don’t forget to live and make a life, love the people who mean something to you, give back, be kind to others and enjoy this earth’s bounties and laugh, just laugh.



22 Feb

In the dictionary remediation means: process of improving a situation or correcting a problem

Well how I see it life gives you options. One option is to give in to your problem have a negative outlook and just hate life, everything in it including even yourself.  The other option is to make your life the blessing it could be. It is choices in this life that make your life truly a blessing!

My niece recently put on Facebook how she was spared the ravages of a stroke in her brainstem and could not understand why she was spared. My brother, her father, had strokes in the same place that left him with not the advantages that beheld her.  He had the classic guise of a stroke victim…the limp, sometimes cane use, different speech and a more steady equilibrium of his emotions. The difference between him and her is that he choose to quietly deal with his situation while my niece  is a vocal activist of sorts. She blazes and burns brightly how lucky she is and uses today’s media of songs, phrases and the like to get her point across about life. Her body exemplifies her life’s journey through the art media of tattoos; a tattoo for Dad, a tattoo for her son, a tattoo for stroke victims and on and on and on.  Unorthodox way to show remediation but for her the body art she so proudly displays is a sign for all to see that she is here, alive and happy to make her life a blessing through the beauty of not canvas art but of body art.  Some people have charm bracelets to signify the important aspects of their life. She uses her body as life affirming art………remediation for her and everyone else who cares to take a look. 


The Sixth

3 Feb

 I just turned sixty.

In the weeks that have passed since my birthday or entrance day as a friend wrote me, I have had a lot of time to think and what I have been pondering about is the skills regarding our relationships.  I often hear life isn’t fair but that certainly is not the truth. We all come here on an even playing field. True that some are born into more advantageous surroundings but that does not mean you have the upper hand in life. It is how you construct relationships either familial, social or professional that constitutes who you are. Some have great familial relationships, some have crappy familial but great social and professional, and a blessed few have it all.  For me, it seems that another element of being a social being is how you feel about yourself and your confidence in dealing with others and your world around you.  If you feel good about yourself anything can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance. I believe that the hardest relationships to keep are of the family. Social and professional interactions ebb and flow over the course of ones life but the familial unit stays almost the same.  Births, deaths, anniversaries, etc are the mainstay and so are the arguments and fights, jealousies and whatnot.  It takes that four letter words WORK to upkeep these relationships. In today’s world I wonder how many people really want to employ the mental strength it takes to repair these broken associations. I am always amazed how many of us have irretrievably broken with someone who at one time was close. In the sixth, wisdom does certainly come with this age but the strength and fortitude to fix past broken connections is daunting, to say the least.