22 Feb

In the dictionary remediation means: process of improving a situation or correcting a problem

Well how I see it life gives you options. One option is to give in to your problem have a negative outlook and just hate life, everything in it including even yourself.  The other option is to make your life the blessing it could be. It is choices in this life that make your life truly a blessing!

My niece recently put on Facebook how she was spared the ravages of a stroke in her brainstem and could not understand why she was spared. My brother, her father, had strokes in the same place that left him with not the advantages that beheld her.  He had the classic guise of a stroke victim…the limp, sometimes cane use, different speech and a more steady equilibrium of his emotions. The difference between him and her is that he choose to quietly deal with his situation while my niece  is a vocal activist of sorts. She blazes and burns brightly how lucky she is and uses today’s media of songs, phrases and the like to get her point across about life. Her body exemplifies her life’s journey through the art media of tattoos; a tattoo for Dad, a tattoo for her son, a tattoo for stroke victims and on and on and on.  Unorthodox way to show remediation but for her the body art she so proudly displays is a sign for all to see that she is here, alive and happy to make her life a blessing through the beauty of not canvas art but of body art.  Some people have charm bracelets to signify the important aspects of their life. She uses her body as life affirming art………remediation for her and everyone else who cares to take a look. 


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