When the Muse Hits the Dust Part 2

21 May

It has been awhile since I have written anything, that happens and it happens to me alot.  I do not know have the disicpline to sit down and write everyday which someone who writes needs to do. An author I know says if writing is all you do than you have to just sit down and do it. Easier said that done Ms. successful new age romance writer!!  Right now I am in a severe writers block, cannot write journal entries, articles nor poems and I even found Facebook to be a chore.

What to do?  What do I  do?

And then I came up with the answer………….

I know………I will quilt!

So as the muse hit the fan, I have been sewing……….so all you out there and you know who you are………expect a mailman to come knocking on your door with a box sometime in the future.

Problem solved…that is for now……..until I get tired of hearing from my significant other….”will you get that damn crap off of the table.”

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