Politics A’Changin’

23 Jul

My politics must be changing.  I was just in my local supermarket that made my blood pressure rise through the roof.  At this time of the summer, I take advantage of the bounty that is offered and can it….can it….can it so in the winter the fuits and veggies of the summer can be eaten. Well of course I forgot a vital part of canning whole tomatoes and that is lemon juice in a bottle.  So off I went yet again to the market.  Standing in line ahead of me was a young Mexican woman in her twenties with two young children. I knew I was in for a longgggg wait when she started separating food items…..gallons of milk……breads…..vegetables which I think was corn and then various other items…..then out came the vouchers from the government.  Well the milk was for free, so was the bread and veggies which the vouchers paid for.  The other items which was less than $3.00 she paid for.  I frankly admit I was a little teed off at this point but I controlled myself because you do not know other peoples circumstances until I checked out and walked outside and saw the vehicle she got into………a brand new SUV…….that is when my blood pressure hit the ionosphere and I knew my liberal politics must be changing. I am not ready to admit I might be wrong on some issues but this food stamp business or whatever it is called these days, definitely, needs to be revisited to only Americans need apply!!

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