Come what may……

5 Dec

I have had plenty of time to really think lately, without the cloud of work related responsibilities. I have finally come to terms, right before this new year of 2016, that I will never be a petite size and have long luscious hair; be able to work like a fiend and not get tired; hear the voices or touch of my parents, siblings or other family members including my Stuffy L. and never really being able to treasure the “old” times and step into the new without leaving the back layer of guiltiness that comes along with being “the last” in my immediate family grouping.
I am now able to realize the treasure my husband (Ira) and children(Ty, Kelly, Sarah, Brett and Steven) who have been to me through the good times and the bad and the sadness in-between. My esteem goes out to my niece SuzAnne (Suzy to me) who like her father overcame a devastating stroke at an early age to become an outstanding mother and wife. I am so very appreciative of the friendship and love of my sister-in-law, Ronnie, who I now understand and did not always figure out. I am buoyed with the knowledge that age really does bring wisdom and the ability to remember that not all people believe as you do in love, faith, politics or living conditions. I cherish my old friends, even the ones that Have become crusty curmodgeons and value the new.
I have written this and am posting it now on social media before we all become involved in the holidays and all that entails. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and have a good Kwanza with dear family and good friends AND may we all have a sense of love and peace that 2016 could bring.

Melody L. Gordon Adelman

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