Flaws Abundant

26 Jul

This election cycle is about two very flawed candidates. In November, we are to go to our local polling station to elect the more enticing one and if we do not WE are the losers? I cannot imagine anything so distasteful, however, I will do my civic responsibility and on election day cast my ballot.
With a critical eye at our political system, I feel, that the two billion dollars, to become president, would be better served if those dollars were spent for what is really needed, our infrastructure and the military homeless that have been left behind. Personal experience has brought home the fact to me that there are NOT enough doctors at the VA or in private practice that deals with post-traumatic stress syndrome which must be rectified. PTSD is an awful killer of our Vets. We ask them to do, see and be in the most horrific circumstances and then not have adequate help when they come from that theater of the impossible “war.” Whoever your candidate is that you feel should be elected, please make sure that on their platform prominently is veterans issues.

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