When a rose = LOVE!

29 Aug

I thought I knew love. I know I loved my parents, Toby and Ben.  My grandmother, Rose, was the most talented writer and I adored her.Of course, I had the usually ying/yang relationship with my brother David and sister Risa with sibling machinations brewing in and out through the years. Even though all three of us were extremely different and span quite a few years between each, we loved each other shown in our unique ways. My Aunt Sheila, who was a hoot and a half,  lit up the room with her awesomeness. Anyone who really knows me must realize by now how I love my children Ty and Brett, each with their own looks on life’s meanings and practices.

But nothing, NOTHING compares to the love we have for a little seven pound girl who came into our lives on August 28, 2016…..the new rose for the generational change in our family, Cassidy Rose, who will propel the family forward.


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