When I was not looking……….

30 May

When I was not looking I had a change in my philosophy.  I was not looking for it or even thought about it but my views have decidedly changed.  I have evolved. I have looked around and suddenly realized that for the first time in my life that I was adrift in my own island with no where to go, and no one to talk to and changes were needed in my thought processes immediately. I certainly feel that, as most Americans, there should be no homelessness or hunger in this country, good healthcare at decent reasonable prices should be available for the masses, a livable wage should be incurred, good education with a back to basics approach, and if you own a business, good for you, you should be able to run it as you see fit for your family, workers and community. So where should the alterations come in? Throughout my life, I have been subjected with wars of words — wars with my parents, wars with my siblings, wars with almost anyone who came into my orbit. If you did not agree, well what did you know? I have now realized that we must as a whole be able to communicate without fights breaking out, families breaking up and egos being hurt. We must as individuals, be able to get our views and points across without alienating. We must be able to live in a society where everyone is celebrated for their uniqueness of personality and thought and not be condemned for it.  Our government has to relearn the phrase “for the people by the people.”  No one talks things out because no one really wants to hear another voice but their own. I remember individuals, families, and our officials having dialogue and lots of it. We must as a whole relect on our way of having civil conversations without being offended. We need to see less fenses around our properties and more welcome signs and more manners. Definitely more manners.

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