Stuck in FIRST…..

13 Jun

I seem to be stuck in first….cannot go back and cannot go ahead. I have so much to get done and no inkling to do it and even writing has become a chore. I sit at the keyboard and seem to be sitting with my fingers on the keys with no thoughts, no actions, no nothing. So, I wonder, how do I get out of this funk? Afterall, I took the summer off to concentrate on just that, WRITING. When I look back and reread some of the other poems, articles and jotted down thoughts I see I either had a writing deadline, something happened OR I was pissed off about something going on. I envy the people who can sit down and write. A writer I know goes up to the office every day and when there is the adequate number of words for that day, creativity just stops and the keyboard gets slid into place for the same time on the next day.  Now I ask, is writing nature or nurture? Are you naturally gifted and can take a thought and turn it into action or is writing nurture where you have to have discipline, persistence and a good wall to bang your head against?

Meanwhile, here I sit stuck in first and waiting!

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