The Journey not Known

21 Jan

I use to wonder why my husbands grandmother just gave up living at 105. I could not fathom why she would want to leave this world for a journey not known. In the Old Testament you can find numerous sources of how older people were revered, respected and protected. In this new age of advanced technology – younger is better and I can understand if you as an older person and not savvy in this area you can surely think that the world has passed you by. In personal familial relationships the younger generation would look up to you with respect….nowadays that is not always true. This generation seems to think that they know it all –  but do they?  They should, with the twenty-four hour news cycle, instant media in their hands and the voices heard from constant ear plugs. With all this bombardment you would bet they would be the smartest generation to ever have been born but sadly this is not the case. They know nothing of history only of the now. In order to go forward we must go back to seek out the truth behind our actions and claim if they were viable or not and go from there. Youth seems to think that going back is going into antiquity, but, I ask, is that wrong? Sit with your parents and grandparents and talk to them and not at them. Ask them why they have made decisions that they have instead of expounding yours with the vehement outrage of being righeous and right! In this clouded and angry enviroment we have made one thing that is abundantly clear and that is the ego has taken over and respect of wisdom and felicity has taken a back place. So, drop that phone, tablet, laptop and come to the table and talk and have a dialogue and you know what? We might just learn a thing or two about each other, life that has gone by, wisdom through age and progressive thoughts for the future kind.

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