The Trash-Talk Inversion

20 Jun

Throughout history every race, religion, creed, expansive thought and political party has been criticized, ostracized, banned, barred and outright disliked. Is this right? Is this wrong? People are people with human frailties and no matter what anyone says, all people trash- talk from time to time. In “The Free Dictionary”, trash- talk is defined as: n. Disparaging, often insulting or vulgar speech about another person or group. The time it becomes dangerous is when you actually put those trash-talking words into action. What that dictionary definition does not say is that trash talk can be non-verbal too. Action can take egregious consequences like we have seen these past weeks in the alleged (the policeman has not been found guilty by a court of law yet) killing of a black man by a white policeman that spawned the Black Lives Matter and subsequently the Defund Police movement across the United States and has now moved abroad to the United Kingdom. The “BLM” movement is a complex issue. It goes all the way back to slavery in the South when Africans were brought over to America to work as slaves. The last time “slavery” was an issue was when the Hebrews were captured and enslaved in ancient Egypt (does the song “Let my people go,” ring a bell?) and then again the Jews all over Europe were apprehended, put in ghettos, then transported to German concentration camps for some to be used and abused but six (6) million to be gassed and then cremated. Jews died because they were per se a stereotype, just like when people trash-talk or trash-think of Blacks are a stereotype. Everyone is a person of color, we are all shades and not one alike. 

Instead of listening to disparaging words of others, we need to listen to everyones song within. 

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Eddie and the Cruisers.” In that movie was the fellow who wrote all their songs and he was called “Word Man”. Anyway, to make a long story short and not give anything away, Eddie (vocal lead) was in a car crash. The “Word Man” was interviewed and asked will he write more songs and he said, “Words and music…you cannot have the words without the music.” This means that Eddie was the music. We need to find in all of us the music and embrace that and not let the “trash-talking” verbiage and thought lead into dangerous action. Walk into that persons music and outside your own.

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